FAQ from the National Office

The National Office has received several participation questions recently and we felt the need to communicate the questions and answers with everyone. Please pass this on to any of your staff that you feel need to be made aware of these situations.

Q: Can a player on a registered 18u Gold team, who played in a Gold qualifier but her team did not qualify, be a pick up player on a team going to the 18U A National Championship Tournament?

A: NO, The team needs to register as an 18U A team and then if they don't qualify they could still be picked up for 18A or 18 Gold. See Code item below.

Article 303 A 04. Pick-up players must be from the team's same division and the same or lower classification.

Q: Can an 18A team who is qualified for the 18A ASA/USA National Championship attempt to qualify Gold without giving up their berth?

A: YES, the code item below only prevents previously qualified Gold teams from playing in other National Qualifiers

Article 313 M. Previously Qualified. Junior Olympic Teams which have previously qualified for a National Championship Final may compete in other National Qualifiers. If a previously qualified team wins another berth from a National Qualifier, the highest finishing team without a berth will qualify.

EXCEPTION: Junior Olympic Girls' Gold teams that have qualified for the USA Softball Gold National Championship Finals are not eligible to participate in the Gold National Qualifier.

Q: Can an 18B or a 16A team play in a Gold Qualifier?

A: NO, the Code below is very specific to 18A teams only being allowed to move up in an attempt to qualify Gold.

Article 313 B Eligible Teams. The tournaments shall be open to all member teams; however, a limit on the number of entries may be necessary because of the number of fields available for play. NOTE: 18-Under Class A teams may participate in any Gold National Qualifying event and then have the ability to return to the Class A level provided the team did not earn a berth at the Gold level.

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